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Kegged beer storage at room temp vs fridge

What’s up everyone! Hey… just kegged a double IPA that could use some “rounding off the corners” as flavor is concerned. I’ve already kegged, carbonated, and have this beer in the fridge(3 days now). From brew to glass it’s been 3 weeks. The beer is still young and has some maturing to do. Should I just keep it in the fridge or take it out and store it in a cool place (garage,basement…etc.) until I feel it’s ready?

Either one is fine. I Generally store mine in the garage out of the keggerator. Out of site out of mind

The warmer temps will speed up the aging process. With that said, if you have fridge space I would keep it there as it will assist with dropping any tannins and unwanted off flavors.

Yeah that’s kinda what I was leaning towards. I’m going to add my gelatin right now anyways… so… STAY it is

OH I would leave it out to cask condition. As you say “round off the corners”, that happens at cask temps of conditioning. So you could pull a pint to taste, then when its in the sweet spot, chill it… Sneezles61

Me got some kegs out of the fridge untill ready for use. Seems to work perfect. It ages a bit more as well

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