Kegerator suggestions

Hi all and happy Friday! I am looking for a kegerator that can hold my corny keg.
Really just want a simple unit with single tap. Can anyone recommend one and give
me an idea of what a good price would be? I have seen some fairly cheap ($300) but
am not sure if such a unit would deliver.

Would welcome your input!


If you can find a kegerator for $300 new and it works, buy it. Mine is a Nostalgia electrics that was closer to $400 but I see they are higher than that now. Before that it was a Beverage Aire commercial around $1000 that lasted ten years. It was nice but the Nostalgia at less than half keeps the beer cold so if I get five out of it then I’m ahead. I replace the single faucet tower with a triple so I can have multiple styles on draft but honestly I rarely have more than one.

If you are going to invest the money I would get one that will hold a commercial half keg (15.5 gallons) just in case there comes a day when you are out of homebrew and want to get something to tide you over.

Do some reading in the the draft forum here about keezers and home built kegerators. I moved you post to that forum BTW.