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Kegerator showoff

Just showing off my setup a bit. 2 tap kegerator. I upgraded the taps to Perlicks. I’m still on the hunt for cool tap handles, but I’m getting there. The glasses are etched with my name (gift from Mom). Now let’s hope I’ve got all the leaks sorted out.


Very nice! For tap handles look on craiglist that where I find A lot of mine I kinda collect them

I’d certainly come down and quaff some of your finely crafted brews! You have a nice setup right there! Now, can you show us a brew in a full glass under those perlicks? Sneezles61

Aye… Here’s a glass of bitter!


Thats very nice! Sneezles61

Very nice looking. I tried to post a link to a pic of mine without any luck. Its a Nostalgia Electrics. I replaced the single tower with the chrome triple with two Perlicks from it’s deceased predecessor. For the $400 price tag they are a decent kegorator.

Right now I’m operating with a jockey box cooler, also with a Perlick faucet. Still beats bottles.

I haven’t taken time to do anything about mine. Well, I did move out of the fridge into my freeze-menter with… picnic taps… Sneezles61

Very clean looking and love the glassware!

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