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Kegerator cabinet

My father in-law does super nice woodworking and came up with a nice plan ( and execution) of a cabinet for my kegerator. It is not in its final destination yet as we need to get the floor done in that room , but it’s a nice cabinet with shelves on the side to hold some glasses and all the other little brewing ingredients I use etc.


That is a very nice cabinet. Is there venting for heat in the rear? He must like your beer to do that kind of work.

Plenty of venting, the lower part of the rear panel is cut out and there are louvered cut outs on the rear of the top panel to create a good airflow.

And he really does not drink much at all, just likes to have projects like this to work on.

Nice done

Wow! Beautiful!

Beautiful! What a nice addition to your “hobby”!:grin:

Thanks, yes the “hobby” is totally out of control at this point. I told my wife when we downsize and move in the next couple of years I will have a brew shack somewhere in the backyard.

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