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hello i am wounding how much does it cost. To have a welder to weld me a handle on my ball lock keg’s where the rubber handle is coming off ???

Like most things it will depend on where you are.

I would not want to try it. The metal is pretty thin and I would be afraid of a permanent hole being burned in the keg.

The welder also need to know how to do sanitary welding. Not hard to do, but he need to know “what” he is doing. Not everyone know “what” to do.

Do you have a family member that sews? Have them make a “carboy hauler” type carrier.

ETA: Gorilla glue with some ratchet straps/weights should keep it on. Put some paper between the rubber and the strap to keep from gluing them together.

You might try 3M Scotch-Weld Rubber and Gasket adhesive.

I use Goop to fix them.

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