Keg types when force carbing

Hi All,

I am looking into buying a used Kegerator. It comes with a 1/6 Barrel Keg, the fridge, CO2 tank. I do not want to fill and cap 64 bottles. My question is, can any keg be used for force carbonation?

Thanks in advance

You can use it to carb beer if you find a way to stop the liquid out. A simple faucet could do that but I think it’s risky. Without stopping the liquid out it will spray beer every where. Plus, to fill you’ll have to take out the spear every time. To me, I would buy some corny kegs as they are easier to clean, fill, and carb.

morning i got tired of filling beer bottles so i got heineken beer kegs the 10 gallon onces got about ten for free a bar went bank went bankrupt and a huge fridge must say its the best thing i did filling kegs with beer the only thing to figure out in the beginning to take them apart and clean but hey long live you tube and still do fill some bottles for some friends once a while it works perfect to fill bottles from the keg once you do buy the beer filling device

and as well carbonation real easy