Keg temp

I have chinook ipa in my keezer, what temp should I keep it at.

I like my IPAs around 40-45* but it’s kind of personal preference.

temp is a personal choice but traditionaly its served at around 50f. But I like my IPA’s much colder.

The beer will warm up in the glass.

+1 and perfect!

Storage temps should be 36-38F in the kegerator. Once it hits a room-temp glass it warms rather quickly and most of the time with a small delay it is right where you’d want it. Get a thermometer and see what is reality in your glass.

Why no more than 38F? Well, 40F is the point where a countless number of critters can start to live easily, so that is why the industry guideline is where it is. Along with the concern for critters, as the liquid warms the CO2 comes out of solution more rapidly as the liquid doesn’t have the capacity to hold it, and at the normal carbonation levels this can cause a little more difficulty for draft pours.

That said, I have rarely seen anyone have issues in storage due to temps a bit over 40 even after a very long time. Do what you personally like best, and if there is ever an issue that comes up, adjust at that time. Most beer is gone before it ever has a change to go bad :slight_smile: