Keg psi with a hand charger?

Hey All,

I already posted about forcing in 24 hrs, but then a question arose of a slightly different nature.
I have a 5 gallon corny full of Maibok. It has been lagering for a few months at 37*. In order to protect against oxidation, I flooded the keg with CO2, then after filling, I pressurized with CO2 from a hand charger.

My question is, Does anyone know what psi I may be at, if I let the CO2 flow until the charger stops hissing? I’m thinking my beer may already be carbed if it is up around 10 psi. If it is carbed, I fear it may be over carbed if the psi is much higher.

I can’t seem to find anything that will tell me what psi those chargers can attain in a keg with about 5 inches of headspace.

Any info would be GREATLY appreciated!

Initially, the headspace would have been about 25 psi, but much of that would have been absorbed by the beer over time. The quick answer is that your beer is quite undercarbed right now, so there’s nothing to worry about. Three cartridges, once dissolved, would give about 1 volume of CO2 in the beer.

12 grams of CO2: 6.5 litres at 1 atm (STP). 3*12 grams of CO2: 19.5 litres at 1atm, 1 volume in a corny.

Cool, Thanks!