Keg pressure sky high!

Okay…I just put a new keg on the gas yesterday…its the first time I’ve used the keg (used with new o-rings)…the gas has kept creeping up to 60 psi (needle burried)…any ideas what’s going on here?

dont know whats going on. but keep the pressure lower than that. it could be VERY dangerous. Kegs can explode

Did you add priming sugar to the keg? Are you sure you were done fermenting?
Bleed off the gas because you are going to have over-carbed beer. I think most kegs are rated for 150psi but your tubing may not be.

Sounds to me like the beer wasn’t really finished fermenting, you added priming sugar where you didn’t need to, or both. Assuming it’s not a faulty regulator, I’d disconnect the gas and keep bleeding the pressure off until it stops building up. Then reconnect the gas when you need to.

also, make sure your gas is actually going into the keg and not building up in the regulator or hoses. you can check for this by bleeding off your keg.

Thanks all for your replies! Sorry I didn’t respond sooner…I went out of town on Monday and disconnected the gas as a precaution before I left…Just got back today…hooked the gas up…and I’m watching it closely! Will let you all know how it plays out!

Seems you all are right! I think it wasn’t finished fermenting…after 4 days vacation and 4 days off the gas, its okay now…thanks for the advice and helping me to learn what I was doing wrong!