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Keg parts?

Hello I just got my used ball lock keg from Northern brewer I am happy with it even that I have to replace the pressure valve my had the plastic Dome with a thing that you flip up to gas off the pressure out of the keg … An also I going to have to replace the Gas post but it has the 12 point one an what other gas post will work with it … An also how do you tell what kind of keg this is on the side of the keg it say cornelius but on the keg lit it look like a friestone on it an it say it made in Anoka MINN USA

[attachment=0]24-60651.gif[/attachment]In the past I know they would replace a POST that is bent or unusable and/or just replace the keg if its a horrible unit. If it is a POPPET/S inside the post that is not sealing then that is going to be your responsibility to replace and its best to replace both right away to ensure you have a leak free first kegging experience.

So main thought to this reply is to call NB during CS hours and see what they will do for you if the POST is beat to heck or other. They may just go ahead and send you out a replacement release also but from what I hear it sounds as though the pressure release you have should work just fine.
#8 & #3 Gas post and Poppet ... -lock.html

#4 & #3 Liquid post and Poppet ... -lock.html

#3 Poppets ... elius.html

#1, #6, #5 & #12 All five Orings ... l-kit.html

You will for sure want to clean, sanitize keg and replace all 5 o rings or you will end up with Cola/ root beer etc… tasting beer.

I am assuming you have a Cornelius Spartan type which takes the above posted parts.
A way to tell for sure if you have :
Cornelius Spartan, Super Champion and ‘R’ kegs that takes the type B is to see if the threads are the same.
Cornelius Spartan & Super Champion
Gas 19/32" - 18
Liquid 19/32" - 18
The “R” is a pin lock
The lid itself may be from a Firestone but I doubt the body is.
If you by some rare chance have a Firestone body it would be one of these configurations:
Firestone V Challenger, Firestone VI Challenger, Firestone Super Challenger
Gas 9/16"-18
Liquid 5/8" -18
John Wood 85, Firestone Challenger
Gas 11/16" - 18
Liquid 3/4" - 18

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