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Keg line cleaning pump

I’m relatively new at this keg thing, but didn’t see anything similar on this forum. Apologies if this is common knowledge.

I blatantly stole these instructions to build my own little hand pump to clean and sanitize my beer lines:

A plastic garden sprayer, a brass fitting, and a spare Firestone ball lock post, and boom. Works great for me. I pump cleaner through my line, let it sit for fifteen minutes, flush, then pump water through to rinse, then pump StarSan through. Seems easier to me than putting solution in a keg, pressurizing the keg, and pushing it through with co2.


Neat way to do it. I however use a pond pump to recirculate the cleaning solution through my lines. Come back 15 mins and rinse. Easy peasy.

Thanks man!

I took a slightly different approach

  • I cut the valve off a bicycle tire.
  • Held some gas tube in boiling water for a minute or so.
  • Jammed that valve stem into the tubing with a clamp.
  • Attached a gas fitting to the other end.

I can then fill the keg with cleaning solution, pressurize it with a bike pump and push ithe solution through the faucet followed by rinse water. On kegging day, I push starsan through the dip tube using a Picnic tap.

If I ever wanted to, I could also use the bike pump instead of getting a hand pump for parties. Plus my bike pump has a pressure gauge…

Just keep in mind BLC is not good for the keg over time, so set it up and do the job quickly; don’t store BLC in the keg. I usually push an extra batch of rinse water too, just to really clear it out.

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