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Keg Kits

I know there is a forum for just kegging, but the general hits more people. Has anyone come across a decent deal on a keg kit. The best price i have seen is $195 with shipping. This included both tanks and was not a through wall system (just hand tap). Last time i bought something, i later found out that i could have gotten it for much less.

Please advise.

I think you can piece one together for cheaper than that if you look hard enough. Check CL for tanks w/ current cert., regs, and kegs.

One of the guys i work with said he found a kit for around $100, but i have been searching and have yet to see one. Piecing it together might go under the radar a little bit with the wife…hmm

Call your local bottled gas place about a CO2 bottle. They generally have used ones for sale. they’d probably sell you a regulator too, but I think NB’s economy regulator is about as cheap as it gets. You really don’t need a gauge for telling how much is in the gas bottle because the stuff is liquid and until you are about out of liquid the gauge really doens’t go down. You just need the gauge telling the psi output.

Then call up local soda distributors and see if they sell cornie kegs, I used to get them for $20 but the price is up to $30 now.

I bought a tank off ebay and darned if the cert wasn’t almost up, they guy knocked off a few bucks when I complained. They need to be done every five years and it costs something like $10, so ask about the date.

I’d say that’s about right. if you’re not in any hurrry and you search CL constantly, you’ll probably find individual parts for $150-175 within a year or so…


Yeah, i’m probably going to try using patience and brew a bunch of extracts and gain some experience. I don’t live in large city so, CL may take a year to pay off anyway!

Bottle a few more batches and you’ll realize how cheap $200 is.

LMFAO, but soooooo true.


If you know anyone in the restaurant business ask them if they have any corny kegs or spare CO2 equipment. I got a few kegs from an marina annual picnic we used to go to. One of the patrons provided soda but never took the empties. They sat around in a storage barn for a couple of years until I liberated them. Some good cleaning and new O-rings was all it took to make them usable.

Don’t give up on CL either. I sold an not beer related item by mail to a guy that saw it on CL. He was happy to pay shipping and sent me a money order up front. You might be able to do the same but be careful sending money up front of course.

Yes CO2 suppliers are also a good source of used stuff and a lot of the commercial parts are made to be virtually indestructible. My first kegorator was made from used parts I bought from a CO2 supply and I still have the tank and regulator 20 something years later.

I did a little shopping around and endedm up going with this. ... tml?bstr=1

It doesn’thave the CO2 tank, but I will pick that up seperate. I can’t wait to use it!

Since you’re in Massachusetts, you might consider the following guy on craigslist:

Really nice guy who invited me out to his place in Woburn and took the time to walk me through setting up the system. He builds them as a side job and can customize if you’d like to change anything.

I recently purchased a completely filled 20lb aluminum CO2 tank with current cert., reg, and a 6way manifold for well under $100 off CL.

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