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Keg is leaking at the wingnut

I am attempting to tap my first keg in my new kegerator. When I attach the coupler to the keg I am having a pretty good leak at the wingnut. I am certain I followed the directions correctly and I placed the rubber washer in the correct place. An ideas what might be causing this?


Fred, If you have the washer in between the flat on the stem and the flat on the tailpiece/hose barb fitting the only problem would be a need to put an open end wrench on the stem and tighten er down a hair more. So order of op should be flat of bev out stem, washer, tailpiece/hose barb, then wing nut.

The only other thing is if you are using a threaded “hose” barb fitting then their is another issue I will have to detail for you.
See these fittings for an example, I use these on my cold plate system as I disconnect the lines often for cleaning. ... 4-mfl.html ... l-nut.html
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