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Keg Hopping with Tea Eggs

Hi All,
I’ve read that some use tea strainter eggs for dry hopping in the keg. I picked up a couple and they have tiny holes in them and snap closed. I’ve been advised to fill only half way which works out to be about 1/2 oz per egg because the hops will expand. So 1 oz will be my drop. What I want to know is if some or any of the pellet hops will get through these 1/16" holes. I don’t want particles in me ESB. Any word on this? Thanks, Mike

There will be some sediment from the hops. I use large paper tea bags with good results - they hold up to an oz of hops in each and they’re designed to keep tiny particles of tea out of the brew.

Edit: I pay $7 for 100 bags.

I go to Wallgreens and pick up women’s knee high stockings for $.50 a pair and drop 2oz of hops in them, for $1 I can dry hop 4 kegs. The nice thing is they are cheap enough to toss in the trash when finished…

Thanks fellas. I’m guessing something soft like that does NOT interfere with the draw/out tube?

You can also use muslin bags that your LHBS or online supplier sells. They usually come large and you can cut them down to the size you need. I ordinarily dry hop with pellets which is much easier and I love the aroma I get. I have also tied a piece of thread to the muslin bag and ran the thread up and out of the keg thru the hatch (the hatch still seals just fine) so if the keg has been around for longer than the hops should be in there, I can open the keg and retrieve the bag. Cheers.

Very cool. So there’s a time limit where the aroma might turn… Obviously based on duration/consumption. Is it safe to say 4 weeks won’t hurt?

Yeah, I think it does depend on the beer, the hop variety, the amount and the beer drinker(s). Some have said that 3-4 weeks and the beer starts to turn “grassy”. If I feel that the dry hops in the keg have gone past their point, I take them out right away. I think the last time I dry hopped I used Sterling and they were great for dry hopping and stuck around for awhile without causing any problem. Remember too that if you attach a line to the bag, you could “suspend” the bag and once the level of beer goes below halfway (for example), the hops would just be dangling above the beer line anyway. Cheers!

That’s a pretty slick idea. Thanks. Tamale’s on me.

You’re on, my friend. :cheers:

So last night I tested my gravity, which has flat lined. I tasted the beer (NB’s Extra Special Bitter grain/extract kit). It tastes very pleasant, slightly bitter and very smooth. I know the taste will change under carbonation but I expect a quite tasty easy drinking ESB. I want to dry hop it in the keg, maybe an ounce just for some aromatic qualities. I figured I’d use Fuggles to keep in the Brit Spirit. I also have; Super Galena, Columbus, Cascade, Crystal, Saaz, Perle and about an ounce of Liberty. ANY SUGGESTIONS?
Thanks, Mike

If those are American Fuggles don’t use them unless you want to drink dirt. Crystal would be my choice.


Some people don’t care for Fuggle so you just never know. I think Styrian Golding, US Kent or EKG would be the ideal hops but Crystal would be okay as would Liberty. Liberty is quickly becoming one of my favorite hops and I have been adding it late in the boil. I’m sure it would be great as a dry hop. Cheers.

Good Morning and Thank You for all the great information. As of this morning I’ve got a little over an ounce of Liberty literally hanging by a thread. The beer will be ready in about 10 days. Come on down and have a pint!

I do the same thing, but I get mine from Wal-Mart. I cut off the very top that has the elastic woven in to prevent any rubbery flavors in the beer.

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