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Keg head space

Usually when I fill a keg there is always room at the top. This last fill was almost no space. Should I draw some off or will it be ok. thanks for your replies

you’re ok as long as the level isn’t so high that it’s reaching the gas post “in” tube.

If the head space is small enough that it decreases the surface area between the beer and the gas on top, it will slow your carbonation. If the beer reaches the gas post, then you have reduce the surface area to the ID of the gas post, and it will take forever for the carbonation to occur.

I’ll pull some off to be safe

Good thing I won’t be home for a week. Pulled off a pint and drank it flat. Not bad.

I have kegged a beer in the past that way and it created a vacuum and drew beer back into my gas line. I would suggest leaving a little head space. It didn’t get into my regulator, I guess I was lucky. When I get one close like that now I put a small wedge under the in post side of the keg. I haven’t had any problem since I started doing that.

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