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Keg dry hoppng

I am dry hopping the Dead Ringer in my keg. I am using a mesh bag and some butcher twine. It is tide on the outside post. I did try to put in some co2 to get the oxygen out. The co2 did release. First time dry hopping in a keg, second time dh. Is this good, bad, or the ugly?

Some folks suspend the hop bag with fishing line. The twine is probably too coarse.

Edit: Due to dang autocorrect.

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Butcher twine is much too thick to get the lid to seal. I would tie it to the gas or liquid dip tube. In addition, if you plan on doing it often get one a couple of these:

Then you can attach it to the tab.
If you look online a couple competitors have them on sale.

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I did not think of the fishing line or attaching a piece angel stainless steel. Thanks

Now you gots stuff to do some thinking about… That’s what’s so cool about this hobby… :beers:

Do you make or buy them?

I buy them. Since NB doesn’t sell a similar product, I feel comfortable posting a link. This is as cheap as I’ve found them.
You could make them for significantly cheaper if you know how to weld.

I use spice balls something like this

Just toss them in. I tried mesh bags not suspended by string or fishing line but they would get sucked into the dip tube making for a disaster.

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Similarly, I just use these clips and clip the bag about halfway up the beverage dip tube and leave it in till it kicks. That way the bag in effect removes itself at the appropriate time from the beer to avoid that “grassy” flavor the old timers warn us about🤣

Food safe, probably. Do you want to live forever?

I would worry about rust if not stainless. Not sure what plastic could leach in an acidic environment.


I put them in paint strainer bags and let them float. The only time something got sucked in was a weighted hop sack. If you know about diffusion doesn’t much matter it the float or sink. If you suspend them eventually they will be hanging and not contacting the beer.

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I’ve used them a bunch and they never seem to change. If I ever run across some stainless clips I’ll probably trade up.

I just noticed the new kegs I bought have these lids with the tab attached. I typically used plain dental floss to suspend the mesh bags but have since just started tossing them in the keg. No issues thus far.

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That’s the goal.

What good are they doing if they are not in contact with the beer?

They are aroma hops, LOL.
No just kidding …They are in contact with the beer during the dry hop period and while serving. Until the level of beer gets down to about 1/3 left.

I am ordering couple of them today. Thanks:+1:

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Can you leave the hops in? I though that settlement and off flavor would be an issue. Why would not leave in if not?

I do leave mine in.
I think it’s a routine practice with keg dry hopping now to leave the hops in the keg until it kicks. Whether that’s in a hopsack or a Tea ball( suspended or not) it is fine. I would not recommend dry hopping “free range” in a keg as the hop material will most definitely sediment out and clog the dip tube
There used to be a concern about ‘grassy flavors’ from leaving the hops in contact with the beer for more than a week or so, but I think the general consensus is that its largely a myth.

Say I took the hops out too early, can I re-dry hop?

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