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Keezer temp

When using a temperature controller for a keezer, I assume it turns off and on the power to the freezer? If that is the case, wouldn’t that increase your electric bill by a lot because the freezer uses 12 amps at startup.

It’s the compressor that draws so much when it starts.

So if you left the freezer plugged in, the compressor would run until the freezer froze. The built in thermostat would then cut power to the compressor. It would then start and stop the compressor as needed to keep it cold; you get that transient draw EVERY time it calls for cooling.

The temp controller doesn’t really do anything different, except it cuts power to the entire freezer, not just the compressor. and since you’re overriding the thermostat to a higher temperature, it should call for the compressor less often and therefore make it cheaper to operate.

One variable is how tightly you try to control the temperature. if you’re trying to keep within half a degree, then you’re going to cycle that compressor more often and for shorter periods; basically a worst-case for cost and wear-and-tear on the compressor. If you’re happy letting the temp swing by 5 degrees you’ll cus the cost and extend the the life.


So what are the temp. settings that people are using with there keezer?

I do 33. I like my beer cold. I have also installed a small PC fan to circulate air to avoid hot/cold spots.

I have seen freezers with a temperature control knob of low-med-high. Would this work for a keezer using the digital controller?

where do you get the power for the pc fan?

So me thinking about building a new kegurator. Like a chest freezer. Our host has a nice video on how to build. My current kegurator pulls to much power. The power bill went up. My wife not happy. So. Question. Do i need one of the fancy tempcontrol divices. Or i can use the control knop on my chest freezer. Set it at 5 celcius. Kind of confused. About this. If so got to order one and ship to the island

Power for .6 amp PC fan comes from an old AC adapter from a camera or game or something was surplus.

So I asked my wife if our energy costs went up after I purchased a kegerator about 2 years ago, and she didn’t notice a bump. It was one of the newer ‘energy star’ rated units and I run it with a Johnson Controller set to 33* F. Love it but they are pricey. Some of the Bob the builder types on here could steer you to a lower price McGyver option.

One wonders if your current kegerator is not super efficient(as you stated) and even with a control unit it might burn too much energy still…
That being said, we’ve always had this old beer fridge in the garage that is at least 25 years old and probably burns rich. It would probably pay to replace it. However it keeps on chugging and I use it as a fermigerator often(with another Johnson controller).

Like the machine i converted to kegurator a old coca cola bottle fridge. It does work. But damn it burns to much power. So me looking to build newkegurator. Now looking for a fridge that hold at least 6 kegs.

A kegorator built from a chest freezer is more efficient than a stand-up. First off freezers usually are better insulated and the cold air doesn’t “fall out” when you open it like it does with a door type. Also like mentioned above set your controller for + - 3 or 5 degrees. If you set it for only a degree or less it will run more. It draws more when starting

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I use my freezer for fermenting and have a dedicated kegerator so I’m really not positive about how many kegs fit but… My freezer is a 7.1 cu ft. and it holds 2 buckets perfectly. 2 Plastic BMBs have plenty of room. I imagine that translates to 5-6 kegs, so you may want to go bigger. They all have a hump on one side that would be perfect for the CO2 tank & regulator. Maybe even enough room for a nitro tank too…

When you say 6 kegs is that some serving and some force carbing? Or do you actually plan on 6 faucets?

No 2faucits. And forced carbonation 2 conections.
Do got 2 extra faucits at home so while iam construction drill 4 holes in the wooden ring and atach 4 faucits

“So what are the temp. settings that people are using with there keezer?”

Depends on what you are using it for:
1.) serving beer
2.) fermenting lagers

My keezer stays at 38.

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