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Keezer or Beer Fridge?

I’m debating between the two. I currently have a chest freezer with a temp control to serve my kegs on picnic taps. I need something for fermentation temp control and I want to make a beer fridge. I have everything for another keezer, but wasn’t sure if there was any pros or cons I was missing with just buying a fridge. Any ideas or insight would be appreciated!

Depends what you are looking for. Tapped fridge is pretty easy. And if you are only using it for serving there should be enough room in there. Deck it out with your favorite beer labels and it will look pretty great.

Keezer works if you build a collar under the lid and all that. Extra work, plus you need another temperature control etc. If done propperly can look really great. Might be the best bet for several taps.

I tend to hate when people just mount a draft tower on to a freezer- looks kind of crappy most of the time.

I personally went for the chest freezer to run lines out to the draft tower on my bar. Otherwise I would have done the fridge.

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I do have a simpel keezer. Four beer kegs fit in there just drill four holes 3 for a tap conection and one for. Co2 line. Did atach a line block in side the keezer what feeds the co2. To the beer kegs. Not fancy looking but it does do the trick.

If it’s for serving, the fridge is nice because you don’t need to add a temp controller or a collar. It is easier to lift kegs in and out of you have a shelf for your bottled beer and yeast slurry not to mention a freezer space for your hops.

Same thing bottom part. For kegs. Top shelfs are for hops and yeast storage

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