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Keezer finished!

I took the keezer/kegging class at Northern the first part of January this year. It was an awesome place to get my questions answered. Here’s the finished product. The Guiness tap was in a box of tap handles from an auction. I didn’t realize it was a complete faucet until I went to start building it!

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Looks good. How long until all the taps are flowing?

3 are hooked up, I have 2 more fermenting, and am brewing this Saturday

Very nice. I like the woodwork!

VND! Short fer very nicely done! Sneezles61

The wood is actually closeout laminate flooring

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Looks great! Any more pictures from various angles?

yeah thats sharp indeed. I need to hone my woodworking skillz so I don’t just have three taps coming out of a pale yellow 1970’s fridge!

Nice work man! Looks great!

looks awesome

Awesome! What is the signboard made from and the top? Looks great.

Will post some when back from vacation

hd4mark, not sure what part you’re referring to when you say top, but the top of the freezer part is just stick on floor tiles. Figured they’e be durable, would hold up to moisture, etc. The signboard is just pine painted with chalkboard paint. Had to buy a quart of the stuff, but my daughter can use it for projects for the grandkids. I did see something online after the fact about making your own chalkboard paint.

I used spray can chalkboard paint on the front of my serving fridge. Worked well after 2 coats.

That is exactly what I was referring to. Looks great and sounds like an economical way to do it. Good job.

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