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Keezer build guide/walkthrough

I am looking to build a keezer and have looked for on Google for plans. It’s kind of hit and miss or nothing I really want. Does anyone have a plan or guide they have used for their builds? Thanks in advance!

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Well what do you want. Upright or chest they both have their benefits. I have one of each. If I had to choose I’d go with the upright

I was thinking about a chest keezer. Those seem to be the easiest to find and not a lot of money. Haven’t really looked at upright but I am not closed to that design.

I have an upright freezer as well. Just bored four holes in the door and installed taps. Holds 4 corny kegs with shelves above for some bottle storage and a couple shelves on the upper part of the door for yeast slurry storage. I like it because it’s easier to kegs in and out than the chest freezer.

If you search here you should find plenty of inspiration for keezer builds.

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That’s what I like also easier on the back and you don’t need a controller. Just drill some holes in the door and good to go. Plus some freezer storage for hops

Make sure you consider condensation. My chest freezer gets a decent amount if water in the bottom and being full with two c02 tanks and 3 kegs it becomes difficult to mop up by the time it takes to finish the three kegs. This introduces mold and mildew. At least consider a dehydrator that is next on my list

Me got a upright cocacola cooler. Did drill holes on the side. 3 tap. And one hole for the co2 hose. Got my co2 tank outside the cooler. But our host got a nice video on how to build a keezer did watch it. Real nice. On my cooler. I put 4 kegs. And top part. Space for hops dme. Yeast

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I’ve got a chest keezer… Used a 2x8 for the collar, covered with a hunk of stainless steel… I finally found info how to jimmy the actual controller so it won’t freeze no more… I’m still strong enough to hoist the kegs into the keezer… I’m OK with that… Next time, I’d actually look at one made just for kegs of brews… a kegerator… Front load, all the bells horns and whistles you want, or don’t want… On wheels…Sneezles61

Its as well easier to put the kegs in. Not lifting the kegs up to lower them into the chest freezer.

It sounds like an upright keezer or just a refrigerator may be the way to go, sounds much easier as it would present minimal modifications.

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I have a chest freezer converted. Both styles have their flaws so it’s what is easiest for you. I lift a keg in once every 5 or 6 weeks so lifting into keezer is not a major issue for me. I’ve seen some very nice builds and some pretty crappy builds as well so it’s up to you along with your watch and wallet to build one.

Another consideration is footprint

I have had a couple converted fridges. The first an antique with the freezer hanging down inside the second a top freezer. Very easy to drill a hole in the door and stick a shank through. Remember the tap handle may collide with the freezer door when you open it so plan on either going low or getting a short tap handle. With an old fashion or less expensive newer model with no fancy stuff plumbed through the door, drilling the hole should not be a problem. Use caution drilling anywhere there may be wiring, cooling lines or whatever.

With a set up like that you also get the freezer to store hops or whatever.

I have never had a chest freezer “keezer” but some of the pictures posted here of them look awesome. Right now I have a commercial kegorator that I got a deal on because it had a little ding in the side that had no affect on how it works. If it craps out I think I will be looking for a used upright fridge.

6 years old and still going strong. Kenmore 8.8 cubic foot deep freezer. We put wheels on the bottom and shirted it to hide the work. Hold 6 kegs very comfortably along with co2 bottle and lots of loose bottles and cans

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