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Keezer Build done

The photos are a bit out of order, but you get the picture.

Question. I have 10 feet of beverage line. What PSI would you serve at? I have had it at 12, but it is foamier than I’d like and the pour is kinda slow.

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is the kegs cold yet? Sneezles61

Is that a 5 ish cf freezer? I keep thinking I could do 3 kegs in one with a big enough collar, which looks like what you’ve done.

The keg sitting on the hump… Is that a 1.75G?

I like the extra insulation. That is the length of my hoses and I serve at 12 psi. The first pull is a bit foamy if it’s been sitting but subsequent pours are equaled out and just enough. What do you mean by slow? It shouldn’t be squirting out fast. It takes me a 5 or 6 Mississippi count to fill a 10oz glass

That’s a very nice build, I like how you stained the wood so that it looks more like the wood has purpose and design characteristics to it. The gas manifold looks good in there as well. We all love a well organized space.

Yeah, it’s 5.2ft and I have 2x5gal and one 3gal keg on the hump. It’s tight but it works. I left the pressure at 12 and it flows perfectly now. I also put 2 computer fans in there to circulate the air

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