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Keep your chin up brewers

Hey all. Best holiday wishes.

I don’t have a question. There’s a first! Instead I just wanted to reiterate to any other non-professionals like me to not let brewing setbacks discourage you. I had 3 garbage brew sessions in a row, two of which I dumped and, while the experiences weren’t the end of the world, I did experience a crisis of confidence and honestly considered giving it up. Proper perspective acknowledged, it was a genuine downer because I really love this hobby and had gotten quite good at it.

All I can say is to keep asking questions and keep focusing on the basics. Most of all, remember that you’re going to F Up on occasion but just keep learning from your mistakes. For me specifically, it all boiled down to having a crappy thermometer that caused my mash temps to be way too high. That’s all it was. So I’m glad I didn’t give into my self pity and kept at it and kept diagnosing the problem.

So chin up brewers and RDWHAHB. Cheers.


Very well put Chris!
If I would’ve quit trying to be a Carpenter each time I hit my thumb…
Lets leave it at I’ve had way more sense of accomplishment in the 40+ years… practicing!


Well said.

Nice of you to post this @ChrisR I gtives hope to the new brewers that have a couple of “bumps in the road”.

In my day job I have the title “Master” and I try to tell young people entering my field that my title means I’ve F’ed up more than most people in my craft and kept on going trying not to repeat the same mistakes.


Every brew day is a learning day… as is life!

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Me pretty constant with brews. But a new style of beer. Allways. Look for advise. Or changes. A neipa. I dont know. About this style

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