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Kazbek hopped alt

Kazbek hopped alt
Og 1.050

4.5 pounds Weyermann Munich
3 pounds Weyermann Pilsner
1 pound Weyermann Spelt Malt
6 ounces Weyermann CaraAroma
4 ounces Weyermann Carafa I
1.75 ounces Czech Kazbek
Brewed little batch of this a while back and was wonderfull. These hops add a wonderfully Saaz spiciness and lemon citrus flavor to the beer that goes so well together that I automatically had to brew a full batch of it today

Have to try those hops, " like Saaz turned up to 11" :astonished:

I just ordered another # of them this morning from farm house brew supply. Got great plans for these hops. First ones I got by accident order some Saaz and company was short on my order they called me and asked if I would be interested in kazbek free and a store credit. Just can’t turn free stuff they are wonderfully thinking next use for them will be imperial pilsner or ipl with them


Got my hops I ordered Sunday got to say I was very happy with with farm house brew supply. Packed really well and quick. Also they came in four 4oz packages which is nice too

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Yeah, I think that a righteous way to buy 1# of hops! I’ll need to go look at their site… Sneezles61

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