Kama Citra - No action Fermenting

Did a 5 gallon batch of the Kama citra session IPA on Thursday. Used white labs 007 dry English ale yeast.
After 1 day I had to switch to a blowoff tube sense it was coming out of the air lock. Sense then I haven’t seen any co2 release in the blow off. Switched back to regular airlock and still nothing. If I had the original airlock filled with starsan and it got past the grommet would it kill off the yeast?

The amount of Star San solution in the air lock will have no effect on the yeast. Star San solution will not harm yeast. Are you fermenting in a bucket? CO2 could be escaping around the rim. This is not a problem either.

The active fermentation may be over. You could check SG now, but I would wait at least another five days if you are super worried.

EDIT: Poor wording. You could check SG now if you are super worried. I would wait at least another five days for a SG.

Yes primary is a bucket. I’ll give it a few more days to test the SG.

What are you doing for temp control? And, at what temp are you fermenting?

I agree with @flars, the bulk of fermentation is likely over and the little bit of CO2 is escaping.

Nothing really on temp control. It sits on the corner of our kitchen.

Looking good. Bit more hazy than a ready to bottle IPA. Take another SG sample in four or five days for comparison.

Started the Ipa on Saturday, should I leave it in its primary for the last few weeks? Or rack it to secondary? I have heard mixed opinions on both.

I will leave an IPA in the primary usually for three weeks. Sometimes a few days less. Depends upon when the hydrometer sample is almost completely devoid of CO2 bubbles. When the CO2 has off gassed I dry hop for five to seven days.

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I secondary any beer that calls for a second addition, be it hops, fruit, or spices. Lot of research that indicates dry hopping in primary results in a loss of hop aroma as the oils cling to yeast/trub and settle out to the bottom.

I haven’t found any recent negative information on dry hopping in the primary. I do wait until the SG sample is free of CO2 bubbles. I also use pellets which disperse on the surface minimizing oxygen being drawn into the beer as the pellet debris sinks.

I have nothing against new information though that might improve my beer.