Just transferred to Primary Fermenter Problem?

So I brewed an all grain american ale with honey, lactose, and coconut added. I just transferred my wort to my 6.5 gallon primary fermenter and it has some large cloudy pieces floating in suspension and it has about a 3 inch thick sediment at the bottom. Can anyone tell me what each of these are and if I did something wrong or if it is going to mess up my beer.

I cooled the wort to 70 degrees with my immersion chiller and transferred it to my carboy by pouring it from my kettle with a strainer over an 8" funnel. Should I use my auto siphon next time instead. I’m wondering if the 3" thick layer is hops and maybe the things floating in suspension are proteins that will settle out.

Your fine it’s just break material, hops and trub.

Ok. Is there something I should do next time to reduce the amount that I transfer into the carboy?

You could let it settle a few hours (assuming you didn’t pitch your yeast yet), then rack it into another carboy (sanitized of course). That’s what I did recently with a brown ale, the beer turned out fine. The cold break didn’t settle to the bottom of my BK after chilling, so most of it ended up in my fermenter. Also, straining the wort through your mesh colander helps out quite a bit.