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Just tapped my first Mosaic IPA, needs some tweaking

All of the late kettle/whirlpool hops were Mosaic, Citra and Columbus at a 2:1:1 ratio. The dry hop was just Mosaic and Citra at a 2:1 ratio.

It’s only three weeks since brew day, so it may settle into a good beer in the next week or two, but right now I would have to say it needs a little work.

The berry/melon from the Mosaic is prominent, and I’m kind of surprised but I am not getting much at all from the Citra yet. I thought the Columbus would be a good counter to the other two hops, but so far it seems to clash.

I think it’s most likely that the Mosaic is just a strong hop and I didn’t know exactly what I was getting myself into with it. But I want to keep trying, and hope to find a combo that will be both bright/fruity but also balanced by something a little more solid in the background.

My initial thoughts are to try something like:

  1. Chinook/Mosaic/Citra at 1:1:1 ratio
  2. Centennial/Mosaic/Citra at maybe 4:3:3 ratio

I like Simcoe a lot, but I’ve also used it a lot, so that is why I do not have it as a primary option.

Would appreciate any thoughts or experience from others.

FWIW the grain bill is:
Golden Promise/2-row (equal amount) total 87.5%
Cpils 5%
C-20, Flaked oats, Flaked barley (all 2.5% each)

I’m thinking about using Amarillo with mosaic and CTZ for my next DIPA. Coincidentally I just brewed a DIPA with the same lineup today(Columbus, mosaic and citra.) a monster 1.084 OG! 3 liter 1318 starter.

Don’t judge a beer before its time. How long has it been kegged? One week maybe. Let it condition three weeks and then let is know


Good advice. My last DIPA(different hop profile) was a little green at 3’weeks from brew day but the flavors melded nicely after conditioning further.

When you say the Columbus ’ clashes’ , how so? Those 3 hops are used together frequently in various pro and homebrew ipa formulations.

Yes I agree 3 weeks is young, but it’s only 1.060, and the total hop amount was not extravagant (5 oz from late-boil plus hopstand, 2.5 dry hop plus whatever needed early boil to get to 60IBU). And other similar beers have been pretty darn good right out of the box (most of my IPAs lately have stuck to CTZ/Simcoe/Cent with the experimentation being on the hopping process).

So we will see how it conditions out. I was hopeful that it would be a good combo, and if as voodoo says it’s a frequent hop combo then that is encouraging. I decided on the Mosaic/Citra after enjoying my first (and second and third) Todd The Axeman during a recent trip up north.

By “clashing”, I just mean that there is a hard edge to it that does not jive with the bright fruity character. I attribute it to the CTZ, but maybe Im wrong.

Voodoo, what hop ratios did you use in your late kettle/post boil additions in the one you brewed with these same hops?

Thanks for the comments, guys.

Hop schedule:
CTZ 0.5 oz. 60
Citra 0.5 oz. 5
CTZ 0.5 oz. 5
Mosaic 1 oz. 0 (30 minute hopstand 212*~170*)
Citra 2.5 oz. 0
CTZ 1 oz. 0

Plan double dry hop day 4 and day 8 of fermentation

I don’t see any thing wrong with your recipe. I’d focus on technique. When you say harshness, I immediately think CTZ though. I basically don’t use it at all in the kettle, except at whirpool. And even then, I really limit the amount. It is a good dry hop though. What about your water?

I was really going for some dankness to balance out the fruit forward/citrusy hops with the CTZ. I will include it in the dry hopping also. My first attempt was total Grapefruit juice and I am increasing the CTZ amount as a result. CTZ can be harsh, yup. But water profile is also a likely suspect I agree.

I think it is starting to smooth out in the keg. as was suggested above to likely occur. Could have been some hop particulates in suspension from dry hopping? Also wondering if maybe I left the dry hops in a little long, although it was only 6 days total, with 2 at room temp then chilled.

It is definitely drinkable. And if it continues to improve I think it will be quite good. It is dominated by the Mosaic though, which I think is just because it is a powerfully flavored hop.

As for water, I started with R.O., used BrunWater for Pale Ale profile, with slightly less sulphate than called for, something like 220.

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