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Just moved my hops outside and

I started a rhizome of Cascade and Sterling inside early this spring and they took off growing up to 3ft in 2 weeks. We finally got to the point here in SE Wisconsin that I could move them outside and they’ve just stopped. They are in a planter box i built with about 18" of new top soil blended with miracle grow potting soil. I’ve kept them watered (not too much) but they seem to be stuck. I wonder if I somehow shocked them by moving them outside? Any thoughts? Should I just leave them be? Or bring them back in? The planter box is completely surrounded with 2ft of chicken wire to keep any pests out and they don’t appear to be chewed on at all.

You’re the second person I’ve heard of lately whose hops have been unhappy after miracle grow.

A lot of times you have to get them used to their new environment. One way is to put them outside for a short while and then bring them back in. Next day, same thing but leave them out for a little longer. Next day, . . . etc., until you can just leave them outside for good. Yours are most likely going through a little shock and should be back up on their feet in a week or two. Many times the leaves whither and drop off or the shoot will die back from the tip a ways, but once the plant is ready to go, new growth usually begins at the point where the leaves dropped off. Have a beer and call it a learning experience.

Good to know!

I actually started them in miracle grow and they loved it!

They love miracle grow, they just slowed way down because of the culture shock. Ive seen this alot and just give them some time to condition and you’ll look back on this thread and laugh as your yield will be huge. :cheers:

I’m guessing the soil temps aren’t quite up to where they need to be just yet. I’m in the Milwaukee area myself, and I’ve been holding off on planting all of my vegetables for just that reason. We’ve gotten some cooler nights, which means the soil temp is still probably well below 75 degrees. Give them a bit of time, and they should turn around. I hope last week’s frost didn’t affect them too badly!

Heck, I am in Maryland and we have barely had air temps in the 70’s this spring so far, so I am guessing the soil temps are very low 60’s

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