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Just got done with my Temp/humidity controller last night!

I posted the build in the DIY… figured it was more appropriately placed over there… but heres the link if you guys wanna check it out!


Looks fantastic,Although mostly a novice, I wouldn’t mind trying something like this. So how much did the device cost to assemble in your estimation? (humidity monitoring apparatus et al)

Probably around $120 total (without the old mini fridge)… I’ll get a couple pics of the mini-fridge I’m using to show the rest of the parts.
I bought a self-filling dog water bowl and an ultrasonic pond fogger to generate steam for humidity.
For the temperature, I’m using dual 60W light bulbs.
I installed a few computer fans to circulate air so that the temperature and humidity are homogenous, and an aquarium pump for a slow, steady supply of fresh oxygen to the enclosure. (I’ll have to cut a hole in the seal to allow air to escape… and to run wires through)

If you were referring to the controller alone, around $70.

A few changes… the computer fans ended up not getting enough voltage (apparently the long wires dropped so much they wouldn’t even spin), so I changed the heat source to an old hair dryer since it already has a fan built in.
The pond fogger wouldn’t work without the air being continuously circulated, so I switched back to the bowl of water on top of a candle warmer… this also provides some heat to the enclosure and helps minimize cycling of the hair dryer.

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