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Joso, presses, etc

Wanted to make a separate thread on what TaylorMade-AK said about Joso. I would like to figure out a good press. I kinda have one, need to make it a little better… But I think if I have clay, I might need more enzyme action or some sort of filter aid added.

Any good designs out there? I think my first pressing in the modified cheese press was not 100% because there wasn’t really a manifold to allow for the pressed sake to leave once I got down into the thicker clay stuff.

Hey dude, I posted a pic of my press in the centrifugal filtering thread. I used plastic buckets… epoxied a barbed fitting to the bottom of the bucket, using stainless wire mesh and some spacers inside the buckets to allow the sake to flow to the drain.

Let me know what you think!

Hey there Sake Forum,

I was wondering what you all thought about this pressing unit. I like it because it’s larger capacity and has stainless steel components that could be easily sanitized prior to pressing. Also, it’s just a short drive and I can go pick this thing up, so no extra shipping cost to get it. Do you think it would work well?



It would certainly do the job. If you can afford it and want to go pick it up, I’d say go for it.

Well my press was pretty much an epic fail… using the 1gal paint strainer bags, it ended up being easier to zip tie the bags closed and squeeze them by hand.

…looks like it’s back to the drawing board on the press.

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