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Johnson controller setting


I’m in SWFL and I just got my grandmothers old side by side fridge and slapped a JC temp controller on that bad boy and set it to 63 F, it’s at 58 now, is there a setting I am not tweaking? should I set it a touch higher? I know that the temp inside the fermentation vessel is 5-10 degrees higher and I would like to keep it under 70 F.


I have two of these controllers and find that I usually need to set the unit 3-5 degrees higher than my target temperature, depending on the season. I keep the probe submerged in a beer bottle filled with water, which helps to stabilize things. I would suggest using the fermometer on your bucket/carboy as your guide and adjust the Johnson unit up or down accordingly. You may also want to check the differential setting and set it to 1* (I think the default setting is 5*).

I also have 2 (one on fermentation chamber and one on keezer) and they are accurate to with in +/- about 2 deg. As said above check the differential setting it does default to +/- 5º

Thanks I adjusted the settings and it’s holding stable at around 64.

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