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Jockey Box/Wort Chiller/Mash Tun

My brew club, Nordeast Brewers Alliance, is brewing beer at the Northeast Minneapolis Farmers Market and we needed a way to chill the wort with out the use of running water.

This is my solution. Check out my build on Enjoy ladies and gentleman.
Oh on a side note, this was made with no pants. :mrgreen:

That is titties! Great job. On a side note my wife does Yoga with no pants! :wink:

Just curious how effective this chilling solution was? Have you used it since?

It works amazingly well. I can chill boiling wort down to 50 degrees F in as long as it takes to get through the coil. The extra 8 bucks I spend on ice is well worth not wasting hundreds of gallons of water trying to cool it down.

Thanks for the reply looks like I’ve found my next project.

A couple of pointers,
Test it out with water first. No need to waste good wort.
Use high temp quick disconnects, high temp tube.
When you are done with each batch, use an air compressor to blow out the excess water from the coil.

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