Jet washer, a funny thing happened

When you first hook up a jet washer and turn on the water, a bit of water spits out before the water pressure seals the valve. I had some ground meat defrosting in the left side of my brewing sink. I decided to point the jet washer in the opposite direction I normally have it. I would be rinsing bleach solution from bottles that had contained a stout with a wild yeast infection. Really thought it would be a good idea not to get any bleach solution into the water with the defrosting meat.

Turned the water on and there was a loud crack. The little spit of water hit my portable work light clamped to the left of the sink. I use the work light to inspect the insides of bottles and carboys. Luckily it was mounted below eye level and the reflector was pointed down. Surprising how much sound is produced when an 100 watt incandescent explodes.

Glad you didn’t get hurt. I usually put my hand over the end when I turn the water on. Now I won’t forget.

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My jet washer does the same. I try to not turn on the water without my hand or whatever I’m rinsing out over the end. Mine also has a habit of sticking on if something heavy like a glass carboy was on it. I have to twist the bent rod that opens the valve on it or turn off the water to prevent spraying me, the wall and the ceiling.

This is after many years of use so it doesn’t owe me anything.

Glad you were not hurt. Could have been much worse.

Yep, light bulbs and water do not react well and it’s pretty impressive the results. I also discovered that it doesn’t take much water at all to put a hole in a regular old incandescent, a tiny drop will usually just put a hole in the glass and the filament will burn itself out. A good splash of water and you get an explosion of glass.

How did I learn all of this? I’ve been working construction for about 18 years…

Hope you didn’t get glass in the beef from the explosion! Whew… Sneezles61

No glass in the ground beef. It was still vacuumed sealed and under cold water.

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