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It's all about the glass?

Brew Bohemian Pils. Age a few months. In an American beer glass it tastes weird. In a German 500mL glass it tastes great, great head retention, etc (I know, not a “pilsner” glass). But still, wtf?

I drink mine in an American beer glass and it tastes great. Must be your beer… :wink:

Clearly the beer. Just not sure how to adjust to correct the situation. :slight_smile: . Was thinking I needed a fancier mash schedule, adjust water, etc. But the glass? Where to go from here?

Maybe it’s over/under carbonated and the german glass helps it breathe better.
If you’re thinking about adjusting your water for brewing, and don’t already, start there.

If your glass has been washed in a dishwasher using a drying agent then the head retention of that glass isn’t so good.

I’ve often noticed that german beer glasses are slimmer, so the beer warms up faster and you taste more. Also the thinner glasses will create a fluffier head than a wider glass.

Just wait until you try it in a Czech Pilsner glass!

Read this article earlier in the week. ... -test.html

If you’re un-framiliar with the site, they have occasional homebrew articles, beer tastings and pairings and occasional bottom shelf alcohol articles that are humorous if you like the writers style (which I do).

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