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ITC-1000 Wiring

I want to give back to the many people who offered so much knowledge and information throughout my first year of home brewing. This topic may have been beaten to death yet I’ll add my picture to the stack. Replication of this project requires cutting spaces in the project box to fit the face of the temperature controller and outlet. Also drilling holes for the cord and temperature sensor.

This view is of the bottom of the unit which isn’t ideal. The labels for the terminals are on the other side, you may need to reverse your thinking when you are looking at it from the other side. Of no importance is the fact that I crossed the wires labeled 4.1 and 4.2 between the controller and the outlet. The reason is because I wanted the cooling receptacle on the bottom of the outlet when viewed from the outside. Cold air sinks you know.

The thermocouple is the Inkbird 12" NTC Stainless Probe Sensor Thermocouple part number NTC-30CM

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Nice job. I built mine with the readout on the face with the outlets so I could mount it on a wall which by the way I have yet to do.

Face mounting is a nice touch. It didn’t work on this particular build due to the depth of the project box being too shallow.

How much did it cost you to build?

I also like the art work in the background! Sneezles61

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