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It was brew day yesterday!

9# Rahr 2 row
.75# carapils
.25# carmel 40
1# oats
1 oz cascade 60
1 oz cascade , amarillo 30
1 oz centnnial F.O
Dry Hops
cascade, amarillo ? (not sure)
130 for 30 min
Beta 150 for 15 min
Alpha 155 for 45 min
Sparge 1 165 10 min
Sparge 2 165 10 min
Safale US 05 yeast (temp little more forgiving due to temp of the house due to temps outside)
OG 1.052 had no target

  • I am finding that I need 1.50 water per 1lb of grain lately.
    I wished I was degrees lower on the beta.
    I do use a HERMS setup.

I wished I was 5 degrees cooler.

Solid beer. Why a protein rest?

I read that you can get better head retention on the beer.

Really depends on your grain bill. A protein rest with today’s extremely modified malts can actually be detrimental to head and body.
If your using under-modified malts, or a very high percentage of high beta glucan malts, barley, or other adjuncts than a protein rest might be beneficial. You have to make sure that you balance the temp and rest period with your grist.


Thanks I did not know that.

I just dried hopped my beer with cascade and Amarillo hops 1 oz each. I did a FG of 1.010. The smell and taste were great. During the fermentation, the yeast was busy by the " blupping". When I looked in the fermentor I did not have any foam on top from the yeast. Not sure why. This is a first for me. Thoughts?

Not uncommon for the krausen to drop. Some yeast strains will do it quicker than others. Some never seem to drop. And it can be different for the same yeast in different generations. You clearly had fermentation as evidenced by the gravity so I wouldn’t worry about it at all.

Thank you. Can hops create this also?

Are you referencing your dry hops? If so they’ll eventually drop. If you can cold crash your fermenter that will help.

thanks again, yes dry hopping. I use a bag.

In that case if the bag keeps the floating you can rack around them when it comes time.

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