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Issues with a competition

Has anyone ever experienced any issues getting your scoresheets/medals/prizes from a comp that you entered? Does anyone govern these things to make sure that everything is on the up and up?

I was wondering the same thing. I am waiting on results from a comp that took place a month and a half ago. Any idea how long they usually take to send out score sheets?

I normally receive scoesheets within 5-10 days for most competitions.

In this case, I have placed with 4 entries and it has been a little over 6 weeks since the comp with no scoresheets. I have contacted the president of the brew club who hosted the comp and it sounds like he has better things to do.

Contact the BJCP. They keep track of any competition that they sanction.

Thanks for the reply. If I don’t hear something in the next couple of weeks that might be the direction I take.

I entered the St. Paul Winter Carnival Beer Fest Competition back in Jan 2012. A couple weeks after the beer fest they posted the results online. I found out that I had won first place in a combined category with my Rauchbier. I was happy to see that I won the category and soon forgot about scoresheets and medals etc. I just assumed they would show up at my house at some point as they have in the past with this competition.
Fast forward to early June 2012. I was at the LHBS (NB St. Paul) in my case. I stop there almost once a week for something as its so close to my house. Well after stopping there 20 times over a 5 month period one of the clerks looked at my CC while processing my order. She looked up at me and says “Hey, I got something for you”. Um, Ok. She turns around and grabs a folder from under the counter and hands it to me. Curiously I open the folder as I have no idea what it is, having forgotten about the comp 5 months earlier. Well sure enough its my score sheets. Oh, cool, I totally forgot about this. She says “Yeah, thats been sitting here for months. Actually thats your medal hanging on the wall next to the grain room. Go ahead and take it off the wall since its yours.” It turns out I had walked past my competition medal 20 times before anyone realized that it was mine.
After all this happened, I was curious why I was never notified that I had to pick up my scoresheets and medal at NB. I went to the comp web page and see this written on the bottom of the page in standard type like everything else on the page. “If you took first place in a category or won 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grand prize, but missed the award ceremony, please email to claim your medal and/or prize. Score sheets will be mailed out to you in the near future.” Having never seen that, or emailed them, and no reference to NB on the website, I still have no idea how or why my scoresheets and medal ended up at NB.

Well either way I have them now and it was a nice random surprise at the time I finally got my results.

Thanks for that link! Still haven’t received scoresheets from the CA State Fair (May 20th). I checked the list, and sure enough, there it is.

I emailed the organizer the other day and have received no response.

My issue is: not being able to read the judges’ notes. It sucks to get a highly rated judge or two, who you Know have great comments, but then hell, can’t read any of em. Slow down and print like you learned in 1st grade.

I never got back one that’s over a year old see if I ever enter there comp again.

their :smiley:

Finally, after six e-mails and contacting every officer in the club, I received my scoresheets and medals from this comp in the mail today. Although, I think they were none too happy with me and I received no prizes for the 4 entries that placed. :roll:

Yeah but I wasn’t drinking in first grade. I don’t think.

Fortunately for you I’m not highly rated…yet.

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