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Is this normal

ive got my first beer fermenting. its started bubbling after about 12 hours. by 24 hours it was non stop. its now been two days and its just letting out a strong bubble every 30 seconds. Is this normal?

Yep. :cheers: Particularly with faster fermenting English yeast. (not sure what you used though)

Danstar Windsor Ale Yeast. thanks man

Totally normal.

Just remember - even when it stops, that doesn’t mean fermentation is over. Be sure to check the gravity!

My advice is to not do anything until the 2 week point. Let the yeast finish their cleanup after fermentation stops. After that, bottle or keg. No need to rush it.

I had a rehydrated S-04 blow krausen out of the carboy like it was an exorcist subject last week even using a swamp cooler and frozen water bottles to keep it I the low 60’s. Sometimes those yeasties just want to go to work! Like said above, though, don’t be deceived by lack of airlock activity - there are some important post party cleanup activities that happen after the rumble dies down.


I have the same thing going on with my first batch (Scottish Ale (Hope&King). WYEAST 1098 BRITISH ALE is the yeast I am using, went like crazy first 12 hours, had to do blow off. After one day in blow off, it fell back in the beer. I thought I might have ruined it. I was thinking like a cake flattens if you mess with it too soon. Glad to see this is normal, I put the bung and air lock back in, and now its bubbling once every 20 seconds or so.

I didnt do the first gravity test right, first I drew beer that had yeast in it, and I didnt get enough to float the hydrometer. The OG said 1060 so I guess I will go with that, and hope. So in two weeks I draw some with the thief, and test it then? I thought I read to do this 3 days in a row to make sure its done? Is this right?

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