Is this even possible?

First time poster. I brewed up the Northern Brewer PM-Oatmeal Stout on Monday and was more than a little surprised at my OG. The recipe sheet predicts a OG of 1.049 but when I finished and took my reading it was 1.065 at about 80F. I mashed in a 2 gallon cooler with 5 quarts of strike water and was able to hold the mash to 151-150 over the hour mash time. Sparged with 5 quarts of 170 water just like the sheet told me too. I am at a loss to explain where all these gravity points came from.

I thought it must be my hydrometer but I calibrated it using two different thermometers and it is spot on. I know that it will be beer and I should RDWHAHB (and I did while listening to the airlock chug away happily) but I’m very puzzled. I’ve overshot the OG for every single NB brew I’ve done since I started keeping records (all extract: Nut Brown (pre MO), Cream Ale, Dawson’s Multi Grain Red, and Nut Brown (with MO)).

Only thing I can think of is that I am not adding enough dilluting water but it’s right around 5 gallons in the carboy, give or take a smidgen. So I’m not sure.

What says the hive mind?

The extract was not completely mixed in the with the rest of the liquid. the sample you have had more sugars in it because of that.

Unless you were given more grain than the recipe called for, you are not going to have that big of a gravity jump.

And the gravity should be read at around 60 or 68*. The paper inside should tell you which. But that should not throw off the reading that much.

+1 it’s very very hard to get top off water to mix with wort. I had the same problem until doing some searches and finding it very common to get crazy readings due to top off water. Probably why nb took the hydrometers out of starter kits. Also I’d check your volume markings to make sure they’re accurate

I think you are on to something…

Another possibility to consider is your total volume.I read in your original post that i was rigt around the 5 gallon mark in your carboy.Most kits i,ve done(I have yet to try one from NB but will do so soon)sugest filling to just over 5 gallons. something to consider but i was more likley not mixing dilution water well enough. Tank :cheers: