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Is Tallgrass Brewing the next pro series kits?

Is Tallgrass Brewing the next pro series kits and what beers do you think will be included in the kit?

I hope you’re on to something. I’m drooling at the thought.

+1 that would be great


Buffalo Sweat

[attachment=0]Buffalo Sweat.png[/attachment]

These pro series kits have really separated NB from the pack in my opinion. I’m working my way through Surly now and then it’s Town Hall’s 1800 and then the rest of the Pro Series kits.

I heard on the BN that Jamil was working with NB on an Evil Cousin kit… Could also be a Pro Series Heretic coming soon.

Called it! Can’t wait to make me some Velvet Rooster!

^^^ I can’t wait to brew up some buffalo sweat, but secretly I must admit, I was hoping for some Heretic Pro Series kits 1st, but all in good time I’m sure. Keep them coming NB.

Well after watching the latest BTV, the outro shows several cuts to Tall Grass cans. Looks like you guys were on to something!

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