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Is poplar ok to mash with?

I’m making some mash paddles, and I’m currently drying a tulip poplar I sawed down to make my first masterpiece!!!

Q: Is poplar ok to mash with, or can it leach? I know maple’s fine, and these spps. of trees share a lot of common properties, but how’s about ole’ “liriodendron tulipifera”?

I’m a dang forester, you think I’d know about it’s properties, but I guess I missed the day we talked about making mash paddles!

I would personally prefer hardwood, but try it and let us know.

It may not be as good from a sanitation standpoint. Softer woods are more absorbent. You may not notice anything at first but over time it may start to contribute off flavors.

I been working with wood all my life i can tell u from my past experience u need to stick to hardwoods, but never the less as lon as is dried down to at least 6% and put a food grade sealer on it u should never have a problem. Mine is made of black cherry and i have no problems.

Do you sanitize your mash paddle?

I don’t use a paddle. I use a large heavy duty wire whisk. I breaks up clumps with ease and since it’s stainless steel It’s easy to clean and there’s no bacteria issue.

We cut down a bunch of poplar (not Tulip AFAIK) and remember the smell of the green wood was very bad. With that particular wood I wouldn’t want to “re-hydrate” any of that taste into my mash.
Using a sealer sounds like one more thing to maintain. But again I’m lazy. :wink:

I’d stick with hardwood or go the SS route.

Cool to see everyone’s opinion on this! Thanks to all- one point of order- “tulip”, or “yellow poplar” is a hardwood. liriodendron tulipifera is actually in the Family of Magnoliaceae (sp). … .cfm?ID=54

I think what most are talking about is closer to a cottonwood or aspen out of the populus genus . Spot on “Brewon”, u had it, and I’m usually all with ya on the “being too lazy” part, but I’m making some gifts and such.

Anyway, I know it’s not very porous, and is quite common in ships and furniture, but didn’t know bout the leaching.

btw, this is freaking perfect. I’m going to a restaurant supply store and stocking up on one of these bad boys.

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