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Is My New Fridge Uselss For Brew?

I recently purchased a 4.5 cubic foot GE mini fridge on Craigslist for a screaming deal with the hopes of at least putting a corny keg in it and maybe doing a kegerator conversion when I strike it rich. My problem is that it has a tiny freezer compartment that is in the way of everything. I’m sure there are many threads out there about this kind of thing so i’ll get to it: Should I attempt to bend the line to fit a corny in it or pinch my pennies for a better fridge? If I should hold off which fridge should I settle on? Thanks!!!

Not sure what you mean by bending the line, but sounds like it could be a problem. Might be best to get the right thing now that you know the issue.

Can you use this one for a fermentation chamber?

There have been posts where people have successfully bent the freezer tray down and used the fridge for a kegerator.

It’s up to you to decide if you want to try that approach.

this may not work for you, but i had a similar issue so i took the bottom shelves out of my regular fridge and store most of my food in the mini fridge, (my wifes idea, I know i got lucky on drawing a accepting wife) :cheers:

Food for thought…

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