Is my cider a lost cause?

In a hasty rush, after a massive apple harvest, I decided to make some hard cider. I had an extra carboy laying around and, just to get the darn things out of the way, I put about 4 gallons of raw cider into my 5gallon carboy. I pretty much forgot about it until now, 4 weeks later. I didn’t add any yeast or sugars yet and from everything I have read it looks like that should have been an initial step. Is there anything I can do now to make this work?

I appreciate any advice!

Letting the cider sit for a month isn’t necessarily a problem. The first step is to either taste it or test it with a hydrometer/refractometer. If it has fermented, and you like it, you’re set. If it hasn’t fermented, you should aerate it, add nutrient, and pitch yeast. If it’s fermented and it’s awful, there are a few options. Post back if this is the case.