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Is my beer infected?


‘LIKE’ :lol:

Yes, definitely infected. Bottle it. Ship it to me. I’ll deal with it.

I think you got some shrooms growing in your beer :stuck_out_tongue:

Chanterelles, looks normal to me.

Where’s the knee slap emoticon?

I thought it was Denny’s Fortune Cookie Ale.

Are they magic? I have heard that you are and old stoner but shrooms in your beer that proves it.

You could throw in some corned beef & cabbage but your 2 wks too late!

We’ll need more info in order to help you.


Beer temp?

Current mental state?

Welcome to the hobby! :lol:


Sorry Denny…

Your Beer or your Beard? :lol:

I’m just thoroughly impressed that Denny took and posted a picture!

Is this an age/technology joke? :twisted:

Hell I’m not near old and am still trying to figure out how to post a pic on here…

…what is going on here?

Chanterelle mushrooms in a wee heavy

Chanterelle or Psilocybin? Huh…??? :wink:

Chanterelle or Psilocybin? Huh…??? :wink: [/quote]

I’m WAAAYYY too old for anything but the culinary variety!

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