Is Making a Yeast Starter Necessary for Rinsed Yeast?

I have some 1056 which I used for two previous batches, the all-grain dry dock breakwater pale ale and the AG peat-smoked porter, which I plan to use for a CDA recipe I am fromulating (OG 1.064). Every time I have reused rinsed yeast, I have always done a starter but is this step truly necessary? Can I decant the rinsed yeast and just pitch it into the wort, or is it best to always do a starter? I plan to use the yeast a week after it has been rinsed so the viability should not be an issue.


I have read on here that it is not necessary of used within 6 weeks or so.

I have read the same thing though any beer I do about 1.060, I feel better making a starter.
Good aeration is helpful too!

My rule of thumb is if it’s 4 weeks old or less, I use it with out a starter. But I don’t like making starters much, so I try to reuse my yeast within that time frame. Although, I’ve used yeast that was probably 6 weeks old and that turned out fine. Check out You can figure out approximately how viable your yeast is based on harvest date and how much you have. Then figure out how much you need to pitch.

Something I’ve done also, is put a little chilled wort into a growler and pitch the jar of yeast in to that to activate it, so to speak. Let that sit for a while, then pitch it into your fermenter. That works, but isn’t necessary.

Thanks for the advice everyone, much obliged! I figured since this is a third generation of yeast since I already fermented two batches with it, I have more yeast slurry and will try using it without a starter.

Just wanted to get some input before pitching the rinsed yeast, I will check Mr. Malty to check the viability.


No older than your slurry is there is no need for a starter. Simply use the repitching from slurry tab on Mr Malty. Make a starter for anything over a month old.

This is what I don’t get…when does the clock start on the old yeast? Pitch? (probably not), high krausen?, end of primary? Rack off the yeast cake? If the latter, what if it is on for 4-6 week for a big beer or something?

Mine is usually harvest date which is anywhere between 4-6 weeks from original pitch. For lager yeast, I make a starter every time unless I pitch the same day as harvest, and I’ll use half the cake.