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Is it safe?

Much to my brain fart, I soaked my alum brew pot with oxyclean overnight. Found a nice black/tarnished pot the next day. Scrubbed to no avail in removing all the oxidation. Is the pot pooched? Or is the black just a color and no worry?
Thanks, Mike

Seems like I read that a seasoned aluminum pot is what you want if you’re using aluminum.
Not sure though.
I do know that vinegar will take anything off of stainless.
Edit- is the pot usually cleaner from beer level on down after you boil wort in it?
From the Ph of the beer? Boiling a batch in it will probably self clean.
Whether or not dissolving that layer into your beer is undesirable, dunno.

Yeah, you want that dark, oxidized layer to keep the acidic wort away from the naked aluminum (because it will leach aluminum into the wort). Fill the kettle with water and let it sit a couple of days to get it back and from now on, don’t scrub the kettle, just wash it out with dishsoap and a soft cloth.

Thanks Gents!

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