Is it me or my IPA?

So I kegged an IPA in January and at the time i’d say that it tasted rather good, not the best but rather good. But now I’m starting to think that either i’m sick of it or the hops are starting to dissipate and the taste that remains is not as good. Thoughts?

a 2+month old IPA may or may not be as good as when it was fresh. I have some IPAs that are great when I keg, and then go downhill, I have others that are harsh and resinous upon kegging but after 2 months open up into something amazing. Keep brewing, you’ll figure out what you like.

Hop flavor and aroma fades real quickly. Check your entire process and see where you might introducing oxygen as well, as hop-forward beers oxidize REALLY easily (not sure on the science, but can tell the flavor!). Oxygen will really increase the volatility of the flavor, I’ve had it happen many a times.

I don’t think that what i’m tasting is oxidation; however, i’ll try another pint tonight and specifically look for that. I haven’t noticed this happening in the past because my previous IPAs have only lasted a couple weeks because of friends.

Keep in mind oxidation doesn’t always manifest itself as the ‘wet cardboard’ taste. Oxidation can reverse some of the reactions that occur during fermentation and bring about diacetyl, acetaldehyde, and others. Oxidation is basically the equivalent of a hand grenade going off in a beer’s flavor. See my post below. That beer had a lifeless, hop-less taste that later became acetaldehyde.


I guess we just need to drink quicker.

Well the one good thing is that i’m overly diligent in purging the o2 out of the keg head space as well as the dip tube before sealing up the keg. I also rack the beer cold so that it also retains some co2 so as to help provide a layer of co2 over the beer as i’m racking it. In the future I think i’m also going to add some additional co2 to the empty keg before racking so as to help add to this layer.

But yes i definitely agree that we need to be drinking faster!