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Is Columbus Brewing as good as they say?

Two medals at GABF this year for hoppy beers. One for Creeper IIPA and another for their APA. I believe Bodhi, the original IIPA has won medals, or at least the hearts of beer nerds.

Should I have my friend from Cleveland grab me some when he visits? Anyone know any spots on the west side of Cleveland that might carry them?

I can’t find them in Cincy, but have tried their APA and IPA. I like them both, but neither is a favorite to me.

I am also like IIPA .
Dear Hades , I hope it will be IIPA. Hope you will found now.

ester King Black Metal Imperial Stout is REALY good. Their Noble King is a nice Belgian IPA. It is not very bitter, but has a big hop flavor. JK beers are only sold in 750 ml Champagne bottles and on tap. Most of their beers are interesting, but on the hoppy side.

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