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Is a PBW soak necessary?

Hi all, first time brewer here. Just finished moving beer from primary glass carboy to secondary glass carboy. I rinsed and scrubbed primary carboy with dish soap and water and was able to remove all residue, would a PBW soak still be recommended?

If you were able to get all the residue off, there is no need for PBW. I would be a little concerned about using dish soap as this has a tendency to leave some soapy residue. PBW usually doesn’t require any scrubbing just a few hour (or nightly) soak and it does it’s magic.

Also, this is suppose to be “no-rinse,” correct? Meaning all we need to do is dump it out?

I don’t know if PBW is advertised as no rinse. I always rinse when I’m done just in case some of the powder didn’t fully dissolve.

Thanks for your help, I’ll keep this in mind next time I’m cleaning a carboy.

I use dish soap, and just make sure I rinse well. No problems.

My understanding is that PBW is definitely NOT no rinse.

From the 5 star PBW tech sheet:

“When using P.B.W. in food processing areas the equipment that has been
cleaned must be rinsed with potable water. Just prior to use, sanitize the
equipment in accordance with public health standards.”

Starsan is no rinse.

This ^^^. PBW is definitely not no rinse. It actually takes a good bit to rinse it all out.
Starsan is a no rinse sanitizer. Oxyclean Free is another alternative to using PBW.

PBW is not no-rinse.

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