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Is 8 weeks 'old' for a wheat beer (wit)?

If the witbier I brewed two nights ago tastes ANYTHING like it smells, I will be brewing this again. Coincidentally, my club needs some beers brewed for club night, and I may have a cake of wit yeast to use…

Here’s my catch: I am moving in 2 weeks(!) All my beer stuff, including my ferm fridge, is going to be packed and on a truck on May 10. Sooooo…I was thinking I might be able to sneak in a quick brew session before I roll, and was going to leave the beer (and a fermenter) behind with one of my club mates, have them rack to a keg, bring the keg to NHC, and take it back to Baltimore (as I am probably flying to Philly now). If I brewed this on say May 3rd, would the beer still be in its prime by the last weekend in June?

No worries. Three weeks,at least, in primary. Kegged and kept cool. Will be at its peak.

I make 2 week beers all the time.

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