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Irish Stout Questions

Brewed my first batch about 6 weeks ago. After two weeks in bottles I tried my very first home brew beer. First thing I noticed was the color was off. It doesn’t taste bad but is not what Irish Stout should taste like. I know I didn’t miss any steps on brew day. Any thoughts or tips for my next adventure in home brewing?

so what do you mean by the color is off. is it an extract or all grain recipe?

If you brewed a kit, either some ingredient was missing or the batch was over diluted. That is the only thing that I can think would throw off color. Flavor can vary from umpteen factors, but if it is drinkable, I would try the exact same recipe and this time try to control the temperature of the fermentation as best you can and pitch a lot of yeast by making a starter. You can look up both issues in this forum and find a lot of great insight. Then check Mr.Malty. com for the proper pitching rate.

Most importantly, welcome to the forum and the hobby. May it grow into a lifestyle and obsession as it is with most of us here!

Did you brew the Dry Irish Stout expecting something more like Guinness? Which kit did you brew?

Didn’t even realize I left out the really important details in my first post. I brewed the Dry Irish Stout extract kit. The color is far lighter than I had hoped. Almost the color of Fat Tire. Matter of fact the more I have the more this batch reminds me of Fat Tire as far as taste. I wasn’t hoping for a Guinness clone. My buddy helped on brew day and he swears up and down we did exactly as Northern Brewer said. Again, it’s not undrinkable, but not what I was shooting for.

Did you get the grains pre-crushed? If not, an inadequate crush can lead to the color being lighter than desired.

As for the taste, did you go with the dry or liquid option? I’m asking because the Irish Ale yeast contributes a lot of that distinctive Irish stout flavor that the dry substitute wouldn’t produce.

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